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Tracking Student Attendance

This feature of AccuTrack allows you to track students' visits to your center. Think of this feature as an electronic replacement of your paper sign-in sheets. Student sign in on a dedicated sign-in computer by either typing their ID on the keyboard or scanning their student ID card with an ID reader.

For an example setup at a a tutoring center, click here .

If you like, you can collect some visit information such as the service they are using and the tutor or advisor they are meeting. This information could be helpful for your reports.

At the conclusion of her visit, the student can sign out by either entering her ID again or by scanning her student ID card. This will allow the software to track the duration of the visit.

If you like, you can show a feedback survey at sign out. You control the questions of this survey and its frequency.

AccuTrack generates all types of reports based on the collected visits information. You can use these reports to meet grants' reporting requirements and to improve your services.


Here is a list of the reports generated by the AccuTrack attendance-tracking feature:


  • Student attendance - detail report
  • Student attendance - summary report
  • Activity / service usage - detail report
  • Activity /service usage - summary report
  • Visits summary report
  • Weekly Student attendance time report
  • Weekly Student visits report
  • Service type usage report (3 flavors)
  • Service usage summary report
  • Visitor history report
  • Zero Visits report
  • New visitors report
  • Visits type report
  • Wait time report
  • And more!


  • Student List (3 flavors)
  • Student Profile Report (2 flavors)
  • Service Requests Report ( 2 flavors)
  • Student Usage of Services
  • Student Contacts
  • And more!


  • Attendance by instructor report (detail)
  • Attendance by instructor report (summary)
  • Instructor Labels


  • Registration by student report
  • Registration by activity report
  • Self-registration report


  • Participation report (by sport)
  • Participation report with activities (by sport)
  • Sports roster report


  • Weekly sign-ins chart
  • Daily sign-ins chart
  • Sign-ins by day chart
  • Sign-ins by hour chart
  • Weekly sign-in counts
  • Number of sign-ins
  • Weekly session times chart
  • Daily session times chart
  • Session times by day
  • Session times by day
  • Session times by hour
  • Weekly sign-in session times
  • Sign-in session times
  • Class visits chart
  • Returns chart
  • Number of class sign-ins chart
  • Return time distribution chart
  • And more!

Special Features

Sign-in ID can be whatever you want, from standard 9-digit social security format to up to 20- character email address.
The ID can be typed in on the keyboard, or you can use an optional ID reader.
You setup the list of activities or services yourself to reflect what you offer at your center.
You have complete control over what information AccuTrack collects from students during their first visit. The minimum required data is student's name and ID number. However, you can also collect contact information and profile information.
When students sign out, AccuTrack displays statistics on their visits history. The statistics includes number of visits, total time spent on service, total time in center, and more.
You can import student's data (ID number, names, and contact info) from your student registration database (e.g. Banner, Colleague, People Soft, etc). You can also import the classes and the class registration data.
If you don't import the student data, you can have students type it in during their first visit.
You have the option of automatically signing students out if they do not sign out themselves.
You can check who's signed in at the center any time via the Who's In screen.
You can send students messages that will be delivered when the students sign in or via email.
You can display general announcements such as operation hours in the sign-in screen.
And much more!

Screen Shots

Center Summary Report
Weekly Visits Report
Attendance Report
Tutor Hours Report
Service Usage Report
Screen
Activity Selection Screen


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