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format the phone# in the Tutoring Request email.

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 03:44 PM

how do you go about formatting the phone number in the Tutoring Request email. Here is the detailed verbiage and commands that are in the options screen for Tutoring Request email template.

Tutoring Request


Hi %%_MergeData_.StudentName%%,

We have received your request for a tutoring session. The details of the request are as follows:

Request Date: %%_MergeData_.RequestDate%%
Student: %%_MergeData_.StudentName%%
Activity: %%_MergeData_.Category%% - %%_MergeData_.Activity%%

Please reach out to the following tutor to schedule your appointment.
Tutor Assigned: %%_MergeData_.TutorName%%

Tutor contact info:
Email: %%_MergeData_.TutorEmailAddress%%
Home phone : %%_MergeData_.TutorHomePhone%% %%_MergeData_.TutorHomePhoneNote%%
Cell phone : %%_MergeData_.TutorCellPhone%% %%_MergeData_.TutorCellPhoneNote%%
Other phone: %%_MergeData_.TutorOtherPhone%% %%_MergeData_.TutorOtherPhoneNote%%

#2 cbasoz


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Posted 15 August 2011 - 05:43 AM

Altough what can be done there is limited, you could use transform() to format the phone number. ie:

Home phone : %%transform(_MergeData_.TutorHomePhone, '@R (999) 9999-999')%% %%_MergeData_.TutorHomePhoneNote%%

Note: If you make a mistake there then you would get an error when it tries to send the email. Here is the mask information:

The transformation uses a format mask. The mask characters are not stored to the transformed value.

Converts lowercase letters to uppercase letters.

Permit entry of digits, spaces, and signs, such as the minus sign ( ).

Displays the current currency symbol, as specified by the SET CURRENCY command, in a fixed position.

Displays floating currency symbol that always appears adjacent to the digits in a spinner or text box.

Displays the current digit-grouping, or separator, symbol as set by the Regional and Language Options setting in the Windows Control Panel.

Displays the current decimal point character as specified by the SET POINT command setting. (Default is a period (.))

Permits entry of digits and signs.

Permits alphabetic characters only.

Prevents entry of non-hexadecimal symbols in the specified position.

Permits logical data only.

Permits letters and digits only.

Permits alphabetic characters only and converts them to uppercase (A - Z).

Permits alphabetic characters only and converts them to lowercase (a - z).

Permits any character.

Permits the letters, Y, y, N, and n for the logical values True (.T.) and False (.F.), respectively.
Cetin Basoz
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Posted 23 August 2011 - 02:08 PM

Just wanted to let you know that this solution worked. Thanks!

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