AccuTrack Implementation Benefits

The following is an example of the benefits achieved by one of AccuTrack's users.

We use AccuTrack in the Learning Center, the Writing Center, and Language Lab to track individual students and their reason for visiting the support area. Without AccuTrack, tracking students utilizing tutoring and academic support areas can be challenging.

The AccuTrack database can either be manually updated or linked to an enterprise level information system to add student information, course enrollments, and instructors to the database. Students login with their student-ID, select the course they are working on and their tutor for the day.

At the end of the term several built-in reports are used to show traffic patterns, frequency and duration of student visits, and which courses make the most of tutoring and support services. In addition, the data can be exported and merged with grade data to provide a more in-depth look at student performance.

The built-in tools also allow us to provide reports by student, instructor, or course. Instructors use these reports to provide class credit and to determine how much time students are spending on content outside of classtime.

Over the past three years we have used this data to show that students who utilize tutoring services tend to have higher grades than their counterparts in the same courses who do not use tutoring. We are just scratching the surface of using this data to help measure the effectiveness of tutoring in college courses. What we do know is that the system is flexible enough to grow as we begin to streamline our assessment of our services to students.

The most significant changes we have made since using AccuTrack have been to modify tutoring hours and staffing levels during peak hours, redirecting funding from subjects with low attendance to those with high attendance, and more instructors requiring students spend a specific amount of time in our various Learning Support areas.

Recently our campus representative for Institutional Effectiveness commented on the accuracy of the data and recommended we expand the use of AccuTrack into our Developmental Math Lab and our satellite campus tutoring program.

Overall, this product fits well within the data collection recommendations for several grant initiatives like Achieving the Dream and Completion by Design. We have recommended this system to our sister campuses and other community colleges within the Achieving the Dream program.

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